Stop Judging Me

We all do it. In fact you probably did it today. You judged someone. Making a judgement is not always bad. In fact it’s often good and necessary. When you heard about today’s mass shooting in San Bernardino you probably judged that to be a terribly tragic event. However our judgement of individuals is usually quite different. We’re judging them for things like their outward appearance, their speech, how their children behave, or some other noticeable trait that may or may not be within their control to change. 

One of the most destructive things we can do to another person is to look down on them in judgment and scorn; it’s demeaning and dehumanizing. 

It’s something we all do almost on a daily basis however. So how do we stop?

It’s not enough to be determined to stop doing it, we have to look past the sinful fruit to the root cause of our behavior. Our actions are not done in a vacuum, there is always a why behind the what. Getting to the why is the key to finding victory over our sin. So why do we wrongfully judge and despise those around us? Because when our value and worth are not coming from Jesus and what he says about us, it has to come from somewhere/someone else. In this case we’re attempting to find life by stealing it from others. When Jesus isn’t enough we find people for whom we feel superior and we begin receiving artificial life from them and their failures, their poor decisions, their place in life, or sadly even their skin color. This hateful dehumanizing behavior can only be stopped when we understand that the life Jesus provides is better than any life we can rob from someone else.

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